Why I gave up counting calories... and started to lose weight

Ditching the obsessive, meticulous calorie counting has been unbelievably liberating and has, beyond all doubt, given me a much healthier relationship with the one of things I love most… food! And we all want healthy relationships, right?

I’d been counting calories since I was in my early teens with occasional success but mostly failure coupled with an inordinate amount of time being spent thinking about food.


When can I next eat? What canI get away with? What do the numbers say?

Oh dear, I’ve blown my budget, better luck tomorrow.


I used diaries and activity trackers but the weight was still piling on. Not to mention being well below the average height meant that my calculated weight loss calories looked pitiful… my ‘average’ height compadres would gawk at the very notion of <1200 calories a day for a mere 0.5lb/week loss. What sucky numbers they were…

Then one day, I decided to Google this term I’d heard: Intuitive Eating.


I came across Katie Seaver’s website here. She’s quite an amazing lady with an amazing story to boot so I urge you to take a look, going back to her first few posts explaining the concept and introducing herself.


However, as with most things, for me it’s been easier said than done. Katie makes herself available to support you but as a person who is still making her way through the change, this page is my experience. Perhaps it will help?