There is nothing wrong with thinking Jamie Oliver still over-complicates things...

Food. The nectar of life… almost literally!


While I snort derisively as so-called ‘foodies’ crane their arms above their heads to get a good shot of whatever cosmopolitan, avocado, quinoa duo, with a side of lightly steamed kale, that they happen to be fashionably tolerating today… I have been known to take the odd shot of a beautifully cooked steak, or something I’ve made myself (even if that’s just an excellent plate of bangers and mash) for the purposes of making friends feel hungry. Or making myself hungry when I later find the photo… but then some things just need to be documented.


With that in mind, this page is just a small collection of things I have enjoyed. Some I make myself (and will provide a recipe) and some have been from restaurants or takeaways.


Most. Most will be from restaurants and takeaways 😀