The total douchebag of female biology

Endometriosis is like the kid who used to secretly punch you in the gut but somehow convince your own mother that he’s perfectly innocent.

Everybody’s experience of it is different… which is what makes it so difficult to pinpoint, and so difficult for doctors to recognise and properly understand. Heck, forĀ a long time I was told it was probably just bad IBS; to be solved by a few bowls of bran and some apples.

When I was searching around trying to understand what was happening to me, I found very little – even once I was told that it had a name. I remember feeling so desperate to find someone who had the same weird set of symptoms that I did and perhaps understand how they coped or even how they were cured. I couldn’t then be building this website and not share – with the hope that it might provide that lifeline to someone else. Especially as it’s not an illness that people are widely aware of, so trying to explain what you’re feeling is met with blank stares filled with silent non-belief.

She’s whining about nothing. Just ‘Woman Problems’