Intuitive Eating


I suppose this is a web-based version of certain areas of my mind, though vastly more organised. I’m not sure anyone could cope with the swirling mass of my consciousness if it weren’t for the handy labelled sections. Heck, I struggle most of the time.

That lovely sunny picture embodies my last truly noteworthy achievement which I shall cling to for the time being; my graduation with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. You’d therefore be fully forgiven for thinking that it would be logical to base any kind of blog around this but, as with any occupational topic, it took a vast percentage of time to learn but really only makes up a small percentage of whatever ‘me’ can be defined as, and of the things I know. However, there was plenty of wine involved.

The Site

It’s basically several blogs (I’ll start with seven) rolled up into one website with a bit of an identity problem. I’m sure I’ve been told that the most interesting people are those without clear cut identities or life directions. I’d say that was a bit of an unfair generalisation… it puts far too much pressure on relatively directionless people like me to be interesting, and indeed I’ve met many interesting ‘directionful’ people who, for example, wanted to be a rock star from roughly birth… but it nonetheless presents the model to which I dubiously pin this website and indeed my own sense of self-worth. That, and the certainty that I drink wine and I know things.